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Factbooks: Why is it so?

A series of twenty non-fiction science readers which engages children in the world around them. The books encourage children's natural curiosity by offering answers to the questions they ask about the world. Titles are based on the following science strands: Life science, Physical science, Earth and space science. The Factbooks can be used for independent reading and pair and whole class discussion. The series extends children's knowledge and curiosity about science whilst simultaneously helping to develop reading skills and language acquisition.

Key Features:

• Titles based on the questions children ask taps into children's natural curiosity in the area of science.

• Carefully graded language in the fact books so that children learn simple structures in English as well as new facts.

• Fun quiz section at the back of the books reinforces key vocabulary.

• Glossary of key words at the back of the book aids children's understanding of new vocabulary.

• Modern brightly coloured fun design engages children immediately and makes them want to read on.

• Audio CDs for every two levels contain all recordings.

False Beginner to Pre- intermediate
Factbooks: Why is it so?
Factbooks: Why is it so?